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Lillard would occasionally shift to the shooting guard position with second unit point guards in the past.

“Back then, it was for 4 minutes or five minutes as a result of we was dropping the ball into (LaMarcus Aldridge) and was playing off of that,” said Lillard of his prior ties playing without the need of the ball in his hands. “Now it’s going to be mainly on the perimeter, so we’re going to be moving the ball about penetrating, kicking, flare screens, pindowns rather than it getting throw it towards the block and then we screen away action just to retain the defense off of (Aldridge). Now it’s going to become true reside action. It’s the exact same but it is a distinctive thing.”

Damian Lillard is looking forward to playing without the ball this season.

The Portland Trail Blazers signed Evan Turner in zero cost agency inside a move that some questioned but he gives the team one other playmaker with the ball moreover to Lillard and CJ McCollum.

“We didn’t come in to the game and say ‘Alright Dame, you do not deal with the ball that substantially,’” mentioned Lillard just after Monday night’s victory. “It’s been all month we’ve been playing, I’ve been acquiring off the ball, just looking to get out of your sight of the defense so much. Come off pindowns, coming off flare screens, just not obtaining the defense focus on me using the ball in my hand. Just wanting to get high high quality looks and be in a various position offensively because we have that luxury. That’s all it was. I’ve been carrying out it over the final month so I’m just alot more comfy with it now. So in the game, it naturally happened.”

Lillard realizes he will probably be in a position to nevertheless score with frequency devoid of the ball and it might improve his efficiency.

“I feel over the course of the game I’ll get higher quality shots, I’ll be capable of get far better looks,” mentioned Lillard of playing even more frequently off the ball. “We’ve got sets now that compliment the roster that we have where I do not must have the ball and I do not have to beat two defenders all the time. Many times the offense is putting the defense in position where it’s me plus the big or my man gets left on an island and there’s a far better chance for me. I’m excited about that.”

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